Sunday, February 8, 2009

Miss: Christian Bale throws a tantrum

Judging from this recording it's not hard to believe that Christian Bale lashed out at his mother last year. This time the American Psycho's victim was a crew member who made the mistake of wandering on to a scene in the upcoming movie Terminator 4, and breaking the actor's concentration. What I love most about this recording is that the crew member tried to talk him down, but Christian was not having it. After a while the crew memeber was just quiet, but CB kept screaming at him like a child (made even angrier by his silence). I bet everyone around was quietly avoiding Bale for the rest day. LMAO! After the recording was leaked and everyone started calling Christian Bale out for the Ass-hole that he is, he issued an apology to reassure the public that, “nobody that has heard that tape is hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it. It is inexcusable.”

Damn right it's inexcusable! I mean I understand that he has been working very hard to perfect that scene, but he didn't have the right to shred the poor man's dignity to pieces. CB is very lucky that he was dealing with a mild mannered person, most people (and by most people I mean me) would have gotten violent. He is probably angry all the time and was using the poor crew member to vent. The crew member is silly for not defending himself. I wouldn’t have stood there and let CB go on an angry rant while cursing, berating, and threatening me. If it was me, I would have looked CB in the face and I would have said, you better watch the way you're talking to me, I'm not your 61 year old momma! Now get back to your scene, but keep in mind that I'll be waiting for you outside. You think you're crazy? I got your my trunk! And if he would have said another word to me, I would have knocked him out and walked off the set... with more plans to deal with his ass later of course...

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