Monday, March 9, 2009

Hit: Everybody loves Victoria Beckham

...By everybody I mean, ME! So i've been obsessed with Victoria Beckham ever since the Spice Girls entered pop stardom with their hit "wannabe" back in 95. There was something about the way Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham pranced around in 4 inch heels like they were a pair of ballet slippers that made me want to be just like her. When she went on to marry the hottest guy in Britian... Footballer David Beckham, and became a fashion icon, I wanted to BE her. Last year when the Beckhams moved to LA so that David can bring more authenticity to American soccer, (I assume by making his teammates call the game, FOOTBALL, like the rest of the Globe) I automatically formulated a plan to go to LA and stalk her. True Story. My five year plan includes becoming BFF (best friends FOREVER) with vicki(yes, my mind we are already good friends) by any means necessary.

Unfortunately that dream came to a halt when she landed at LAX and started a paparazzi frenzy. For some reason I thought I was the only Posh and Becks fan outside the UK, and meeting her would be as simple as waiting outside an LA hot spot for her to come out. Silly me! It wasn't too long before Hollywood heavy weights the likes of Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, and Eva Langoria filled the BFF slot in Vicki's life. Birds of the same feather and such...

The second thing that brought my five year plan to a major, or as vicki would say it, "MAY-JA" halt came in the form of AC Milan...also known as the Italian soccer team that stole David from the LA Galaxy. This news was kind of disheartening, but it didn't take me long to realize it could work in my advantage. The Italians, unlike the British and the Americans are not celebrity obsessed. If anything, meeting Vicki would be as easy as taking a trip to Italy one summer and stalking her at one of Milan's fashion boutiques. After all, shopping is to victoria beckham as death is to all living things...inevitable. The women owns the Hermes Berkin bag in every colour. A bag that costs over 7000 dollars after a two year waiting list. Trust me, it wouldn't be hard to find her, especially with Milan being a fashion district.

I still didn't work out what I'd say to her after we meet, but I'd most likely faint and she being the caring person that she is would say, "oh my goodness, somebody get a docta" in her fab british accent... Fainting is perhaps the biggest compliment you can pay your idol...hopefully. Our friendship would be one based on give and take...with her doing most of the giving and me doing the taking, (she is worth 112 million pounds!) of course to keep our relationship balanced I would give her real advice from the heart. Things like, perhaps you should gain some weight...just a tiny bit... so that your implants don't look like they are overwhelming your bony frame. I have a theory that most of the people in her life have turned into yes men by now and she is dying for someone who will "keep it real" with her. I am that person!

Most People Think that Victoria Beckham is a spoiled ice queen because she never smiles for photographers. I, on the other hand, think Vicki is fab, funny, and very warm in official interviews. Below is a clip from a televised documentary from when she moved to LA. In it she confronts celeb blogger Perez Hilton for writing something she didn't like, and does lunch with socialite ladies from her new neighbourhood. Furthermore she speaks about her ice-queen persona and why she never smiles in public...And She does it all in her fab-funny-posh way:

Here are some pics of Vicki living her fabulous life:

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